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Hart and Sumpner Ltd is a roofing contractors and are pleased to announce the use of a revolutionary product called Rapid Roof. We believe that the use of this product will become a mainstay technique for roofer in Leeds, and other surrounding areas in Yorkshire. Hart and Sumpner Ltd have served as the finest of roofers in Leeds for over 10 years and have never been as excited about a new product since the arrival of GRP on the roofing scene.

Hart and Sumpner are one of only a few roofers in the Yorkshire area that are using this product, we are sure that this will be the next big thing in the renewal and repair of flat roof covering’s and that soon roofers everywhere will be clambering for this innovation in flat roofing products. Rapid roof is a product that cures 20 minutes after application and is a cold applied system that removes the need for hot works, which reduces the fire risk to zero. This new product comes in a variety of colours, which enables the customer to choose the exact colour preference.

For the repairing and servicing of roofing in Leeds, with a 10-year guarantee, it gives the customer peace of mind and confidence for years to come. When viewed from the perspective of building’s in the Bradford and Sheffield area we foresee a big future for Rapid Roof and are pleased to be approved contractors with fully trained roofer’s ready to remedy the age old flat roof problems. Another attractive  quality of this product is the Non-slip option that will allow foot trafficking on verandas and walkway areas.




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